Vision & Mission

Education for Human Excellence is our Vision. The real and right education is to build up better personality. Our vision also aspires to reach destination through acquisition of wisdom by inventive and creative power to fulfill a long term dream. This will include a progressive society and Nation as well where there will be Harmony, inclusiveness, compassion, righteousness and sustainable integrity. All this will be a guiding force to improve holistic academic standard and excellence to touch the limitless zenith. Also, through Metaphysical progress of learning,(where teacher and taught play important role to prove themselves Bipolar ) a conscious and desirable change will be brought to shape a refined character where psychological and sociological aspects shall be taken into a greater account so that development of a child will not be exercised in a vacuum. Rather, the students shall be nurtured with the fullest potential, both educationally and morally heightened to prove themselves not only as a materialistic goal gainers but also universal fathfinders for themselves and others . 

 Our Mission is to bring about all round development and strengthen character, enabling students to stand on his own feet with confidence and self-respect. To make them intellectually heightened, spiritually pure and emotionally strong. Moreover, our students shall be integrated personalities full with wisdom to spread peace, harmony and clairvoyance. However, the world is full with materialistic mind, the students shall be motivated towards concentration and interpenetration in life building education cultivating modern science and technology through ancient heritage and legacy. Regardless of eastern and western values, there should be pursuit of excellence, balance of secularism and inculcation of higher human values to make them worthy and universal citizens. Further, the school will provide a platform for various co-curricular activities and dynamic interactions to manifest and unveil the latent talents of our budding stars. Moreover, we will spare no pains to harness our students to tackle and manoeuvre the adversities of life . We shall make them winged birds to fly in the open sky to spread the fragrance of  their achievements.