Excellence is Attitude

School BuildingEstablished in 1990 with a fact finding missionary zeal of Late Sri N. D. Grover,and the crusading synergy of Sri L.R.Saini,present Regional Director of DAV Public Schools has undergone with various trials and tribulations.ups and downs but has not ever wavered from its sacred social obligations to cater to the needs of the CCL employees and the surrounding people to bring about a holistic transformation in the field of academics,character building striving to strengthen the bond between the fragments of the society armoured with the visions of Mahatma Hansraj, Lala Lajpat Rai,shradhanand and the pragmatism of present DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi with 400 Pupils.

This domain of knowledge has today about 2000 best of the human gems busy and engrossed totally in acquiring the learning from the different registers of knowledge.This godly domain is always seen unparting education aiming at making the students capable of becoming responsible,productive and useful members of the society and the globe as well trying best to promote and nourish a wide range of capacities and skills in every field whether it is the academic or co-corricular activities keeping the cognitive development and emotional values in view.

To determine the social unity and mission ,this very temple keeps the objectives of conceptnal development, human aspirations and moral value to the level of the untouching sky. This could have been only possible due to the well qualified and highly experienced team of teachers the able and mmature incumbents of the present and the past.

The school has its own recognition in the area of highest scoring marks in the subject of Hindi in CBSE Exams. The DAV Management, New Delhi, has not only put this school under A1 category but also has awarded it as a “Pride of DAV” in recognition of its academic excellence.

DAV KATHARA has been rendering a yeoman service not only in the field of education but also in co-curricular activities value education, computer education and sports activities have been a part and parcel to bring all round development of its students.

The school has been excelling in games and sports not only at zonal level but also at national level in the events organized through MHRAT / DAV National Sports as well as CBSE. A good number of lour students have already been serving our country in various dignified posts as well as a considerable numbers are enrolled in different prestigious technological institutes from IIT and NIT to state recognized institutes. Our specialties lie in imparting quality education and honing various skills not only to the children of TTPS employees but also the backward tribal people’s children.

We feel proud to be acclaimed by many eminent personalities for evolving a true spirit of learning, a sense of patriotic feelings of sportsmanship, outstanding approach of conduct and discipline among our students. It being a central and attractive place in Lalpania the school has a special privilege and pleasure to welcome a number of ministers of Jharkhand, officials of paramilitary forces as well as TVNL authorities, Ranchi, on many occasions at regular interval.

The school plays and active role in mass immunization programme and other such social welfare campaign. It being a unit of CBSE, it has been participating and imparting training to the students on the path of human welfare, population control programme as per the advisory of UNICEF/CBSE. No doubt, the school has successfully marched a long educational journey. However, still it has miles to go to bring more glory and grandeur. And we are quite sanguine that to add more height to the life of the school, we will leave no stone unturned. 

DAV = Faith in eternal values of Sanatan vedic Dharma (Education to Build) +  Study of Morden Languages, Science & Technology (Education to Pay)