Principal's Message

PrincipalAt the outset I extend my greetings to one and all. It gives me immense pleasure to share some ideas with you. Dear children, We at DAV Kathara believe / work on the two basic pillars of Education that is :
1)    Discipline     
2)    Academics

We inculcate in the students disciplinary habits which helps them to learn and grow and become worthy citizens for the nation. An institution with holistic education culture where we aim at enlightenment of both mind and soul. We provide liberal, happy and diverse environment for students that not only nurtures their creativity and enthuses finer values like empathy, integrity, patriotism and honesty but also helps them realize their true potential and eventually they evolve as global leaders with character.
We provide are students with all the requisites that are essential for them to attain success in this competitive world. We believe in enrichment of values and culture and develop students into self-led individuals.


Bipin Rai