Fee-Structures 2017-18

Sl. No.
Particulars of Fees
I to V
IX & X
Once at the admission Time
01 Registration Fee (Adm. Time)          
02 Admission Form (Adm. Time)          
03 Admission Fee (Adm. Time)          
04 Refundable Security (Adm. Time)          
Once in a year
05 Annual Development Fund(P.A.)          
06 AryaSamaj Contribution (P.A.)          
07 Exam Fee (P.A.)          
08 Misc. Charges (P.A.)          
09 Library fee (P.A.)          
Monthly charges
10 Tuition Fee (P.M.)          
11 Pupil Fund (P.M.)          
12 Science Fee (P.M.)          
13 Head Office Fund (P.M.)          
14 Computer Fee (P.M.)          
Grand Total

Fee Collection Rules

  •  Fees will not be collected after the 25th of the month. A late fine of Rs. 50 will be imposed the next month.

  •  In case fee of a child has not been deposited for two consecutive months the name of the child will be struck off the roll and re-admission may be considered after depositing Rs.250 as re-admission charge.

  •  Fee counter will remain open from 9.00 a.m to 1.00 p.m on all working days except Saturday.

  •  Students will not be allowed to take examinations, if fees are not up-to-date.

  • One month’s bus fare will be charged for May and June and it is to be deposited in the month of May itself along with the school fee for May and June.

  •  If any student wants to forego bus facility parents should give one month’s prior information to the office.

  •  Parents are requested to collect the balance amount (if any) immediately after paying the fees from the fee counter.